For a healthy heart!

Now it's possible to check your heart health with your smartphone! Download the OKCARDIO app, take vital measurements (strength of your heart, heart rate, breathing rate, etc.) and instantly share your data with your doctor, with confidentiality assured—and without leaving your home! Get a diagnosis at unprecedented pace.

Instant measurement

The OKCARDIO app: the tool that allows your doctor to make a diagnosis of your cardiac and pulmonary function remotely, thanks to measurements that are taken with your smartphone. Place your telephone on your thorax for 60 seconds and follow the instructions. It records motion induced by your cardiac contraction. The results are sent to your doctor on our secure server, to help identify possible symptoms, any weakening, or a change in cardiac function, or to prevent complications or a hospitalisation.

The app is for the following people...

OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
You are seeing a cardiologist because of previous cardiovascular issues: heart failure, problems with heart rate, or a previous heart attack
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
You have cardiovascular risk factors: hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, you are overweight, a smoker, etc.
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
You are being monitored or treated for a chronic disease: diabetes, chronic kidney failure, cancer, etc.
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
You are a patient at risk of infection
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
You are a patient with a vulnerable cardiovascular system

The smartphone: more important than ever

Today, 80% of Europeans* aged between 18 and 75 have a smartphone. By downloading the OKCARDIO app devlopped by Heartkinetics, this phone becomes a practical and reliable vital signs digital assistant that can make all the difference during an online appointment. As online medical practice and digital healthcare are continuing to develop, it is crucial to be able to rely on simple, fast and secure technical solutions so that doctors can check patients without being in the same physical space.

Close monitoring that can be used from today

The OKCARDIO app is particularly useful for monitoring and/or following-up chronic cardiac disease (atrial fibrillation, heart failure, etc.). Given the increased prevalence of heart failure with age** (it occurs in 4% of the general population below 60 and more than 20% of those aged 65 and above), it is essential for the future to improve prevention, follow-up and diagnosis from afar.

OKCARDIO: an important tool for online consultations

The OKCARDIO app relies on the use of motion sensors that are in all smartphones. This innovative technology, allows you to measure 6 vital parameters, the first 3 being exclusive and patented:
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
Strength and energy of your heart to measure cardiac contractility, and evaluate cardiac output
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
Ejection function to check the functioning of the valves and to detect potential anomalies
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
Distribution of energy to evaluate the effort of the heart in phases of the cardiac cycle
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
Heart rate to identify any heart rate pathologies (arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, etc.)
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
Breathing rate to diagnose cardiopulmonary diseases
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
Heart rate variability to evaluate the health of the heart and the quality of the interaction between the heart and lungs

Why download the OKCARDIO app?

OKCARDIO is a medical device application that is awaiting its CE mark and FDA clearance. Its use is currently restricted:

To healthy volunteers and/or patients who want to participate in the Heartemis study and who have been already been recruited by a hospital participating in the study.

After its certification, the OKCARDIO app will::
1. Help your doctor, in an online consultation, to make a rapid of diagnosis pulmonary and cardiac function. As soon as your data has been recorded and you have responded to the standardised questionnaire, your doctor will have access to all your information on the secure platform KINO.PRO. Based on this information, your doctor can ask you to go to hospital for further tests, or to follow an appropriate treatment immediately. By using OKCARDIO for your online consultation, you can:

  • Quickly receive an opinion during the consultation
  • Avoid having to travel during a period of health risk
  • Select a professional of your choice who is rapidly available, irrespective of distance
  • Check your heart’s condition simply and easily: with no stress, in your own home, at a time that’s best for you, and without having to travel or attend appointments.

2. Improve the checks on your heart’s health and remain proactive alongside your doctor. By regularly measuring the vital parameters of your heart function, you help to:

  • Rapidly detect any change be it worsening or improvement of your condition
  • Adjust treatments
  • Intervene as quickly as possible if there are complications (risks, need for hospitalisation, etc.)
  • Perform remote monitoring

3. Give you information and advice every day about taking care of your heart at every moment of your life.

OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !
Health risk

Would you like to test our app?

Would you like to test the features of our app or contribute to the validation of our clinical study?

If you are a healthy volunteer, a patient or a health professional, you can test our app for free for 30 days. Make a request by clicking on the “Test the app” button.

OKCARDIO - Pour en avoir le cœur net !

How do you take the measurements?

In the morning, before you get out of bed:
1. Take your smartphone
2. Open the OKCARDIO app and follow the instructions
3. To take accurate measurements, stay lying down and simply lay your telephone on the upper part of your sternum (above your chest)
4. Do not move for one minute. The app measures the small vibrations that cause the contractions of the heart, the ejection of blood and the movements of blood in the main arteries
5. As soon as the measurements have been taken, your data is sent securely to our cloud/server. Meanwhile, the app asks you to respond to some medical questions
6. Once your data has been analysed, you will receive a confirmation of its quality, and the doctor to whom you are connected will receive a report detailing your vital parameters. This can help your doctor make a diagnosis during a telephone call or online consultation
7. In less than 5 minutes, your data is gathered, sent to the doctor and analysed